Mahdi Ali: Today’s match was a chance to determine some player’s levels 25 - 11 - 2014 08:25 PM
United Arab Emirates team coach Mahdi Ali explained that he entered third & fourth match today to determine some players levels who didn’t play the previous matches, pointing that today’s match was a tough game as its official and players playing
Le Guen: we played a good game & wasted many chances 25 - 11 - 2014 08:22 PM
Oman football team coach Paul Le Guen stressed that Oman team played well today, pointing that he gave the opportunity to many young faces to check their readiness, noting that he will wait more tender from them in the future, and confirming in the
Press conference of Qatar assistant coach before “Gulf cup 22” Final 25 - 11 - 2014 12:45 PM
Sergio Romano, Qatar football team assistant coach expressed his confidence to achieve the title and win in tomorrow’s game, and said in the press conference before the match against Saudi “we did a hard job to reach the final and we are optimistic
Press conference of Saudi coach before “Gulf Cup 22” Final 25 - 11 - 2014 12:28 PM
Spanish coach Lopez Caru, coach of Saudi Arabia team, confirmed that both Saudi and Qatar deserved to be in the final according to their levels during the tournament, where they faced some tough matches. Caru said in the press conference before the
UAE coach talking about facing Saudi in “Gulf Cup 22” Semi-Finals 22 - 11 - 2014 02:21 PM
United Arab Emirates football team assistant coach Hassan Al-Abdouli explained that Saudi team is tough and have a respectful coach and have the advantage of playing in his land and his Mass. He added “we aim to give highest levels and play a
Saudi coach conference talking about facing UAE in “Gulf Cup 22” Semi-Final 22 - 11 - 2014 02:12 PM
Saudi football team coach Lopez Caru confirmed that he don’t think about the news talking about his dismissal from the Saudi team, pointing that all what he think about is tomorrow’s match. Stressing that he is the full responsible of choosing the
Qatar coach conference talking about facing Oman in “Gulf Cup 22” Semi-Final 22 - 11 - 2014 02:02 PM
Sergio Romano, assistant coach of Qatar football team, explained that Qatar has a variety of young players who don’t have big experience, pointing that they are not worried about Oman big win against Kuwait. He added “we prepared our players for
Oman coach conference talking about Qatar match in “Gulf Cup 22” semi-final 22 - 11 - 2014 12:52 PM
Oman football team coach Paul Le Guen confirmed that he can’t predict the result against Qatar since now, pointing that it’s an important game, expressing his happiness to go beyond Kuwait and group stage, stressing in the same time their ability to
Yemen delegation leaves Riyadh for Umrah 21 - 11 - 2014 09:11 PM
Yemen football team delegation, participated in the Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” leaved Riyadh on Friday headed by Mr Hassan Bashanfar, Vice Chairman of Yemen football federation, to King Abdul Aziz international airport in
Belmadi: all players are ready & can’t expect who will qualify 18 - 11 - 2014 12:58 PM
Jamal Belmadi, Qatar football team coach, stressed his confidence in his players in tomorrow’s match against Bahrain, confirming that the match will be difficult and pointing it will be one of the most difficult they will play. He added “all

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