25 - 11 - 2014 12:45 PM
Press conference of Qatar assistant coach before “Gulf cup 22” Final
Sergio Romano, Qatar football team assistant coach expressed his confidence to achieve the title and win in tomorrow’s game, and said in the press conference before the match against Saudi “we did a hard job to reach the final and we are optimistic and we have the possibility to achieve the title”.

And about not scoring in the group stage until the semi-final, assistant coach said that the reason is participating In the tournament with young players with low experience, and they weren’t lucky to score until the semi-final describing it as the most important, where Qatar team played a good match, Romano also noted “we tryst these young players to do something in the final although we are facing the number one candidate to achieve the title and playing on his land and his Mass, but one step separate us and we are able to achieve it”.

And about changing play style between the opening match and the final, assistant coach expressed that they are satisfied with their style and they provided good game in the beginning, despite receiving the first goal but they came back and was near to win.

And about his players affected by the Saudi Mass he said “the Mass won’t affect us and it’s not like the opening game, but now it’s different because we faced Yemen team and the stadium is full of them and our players didn’t affect because the Mass is a part of the football beauty”.

Assistant coach refused to answer the respond to the criticism toward Qatar team, where all their concentrations are on the team and the preparations for the final.