25 - 11 - 2014 08:22 PM
Le Guen: we played a good game & wasted many chances
Oman football team coach Paul Le Guen stressed that Oman team played well today, pointing that he gave the opportunity to many young faces to check their readiness, noting that he will wait more tender from them in the future, and confirming in the same time that the team played high level matches in most of tournament matches.

He added “we wasted many chances and we should avoid this negative, our strength in our play style and will look for more scoring solutions, offensive performance will be developed with the coming back of the injured players in the upcoming events”.

Le Guen stressed that the importance for him is to play a good style and create chances, pointing that this is what players performed.

And about the bench players level who participated in the match he said “today’s match should us many possibilities of our players and we witnessed high levels of them, im sure they will will perform better in the future”.