25 - 11 - 2014 12:28 PM
Press conference of Saudi coach before “Gulf Cup 22” Final
Spanish coach Lopez Caru, coach of Saudi Arabia team, confirmed that both Saudi and Qatar deserved to be in the final according to their levels during the tournament, where they faced some tough matches. Caru said in the press conference before the match “it’s good to be in the final, both teams faced lots of difficulties to reach this, and I congratulate all teams for their effort where groups weren’t easy”. He added “we deserve to be in the final, both teams provided high level for individuals and as groups”.

And about the last match between Saudi and Qatar in the opening of the tournament Caru said that they had difficulties in it, but final will be different and tough for both teams cause both of them know each others, Lopez also noted that the final will be strong and tough, and about the match details he said “we will be obliged to give all what we have to win, I think the match will be played on details and particulars to achieve positive result”.

Saudi coach also expressed his big confidence for a good game from his side, wishing Saudi the luck to hold the title, Lopez also refused to talk about his future with Saudi team and the pressure he is living saying “now we only talk about the cup because our goal is the title and I talked that I don’t think about my future now and all what I care about is to help my team and my ambition to give achieve the best with Saudi football who trusted me”.

Saudi coach stressed that psychological side is the most important is these matches, in addition to all tactical, technical and fitness sides which will play a main role in the match tomorrow, Saudi coach also denied to talk about the squad pointing that all players are ready and names will be decided tomorrow during the meeting with the players.

For his part, Saudi goal keeper asked the Saudi Mass to support them and stand with them in the match tomorrow, describing facing Qatar as a tough match where Qatar have great elements, pointing their respect to the opponent and awareness of the upcoming level which means a lot to them and the Saudi Mass.