26 - 11 - 2014 08:47 PM
Gulf Media Sports Union announce the results of “Gulf Cup 22” Referendum
Riyadh – Media Committee

Mr Salim Al-Habsi, Chairman of Gulf Media Sports Union unveiling the referendum organized by the “Gulf Cup 22” competitions Start, which was attended by more than 300 sports journalists and Gulf Football stars and number of old players.

The referendum included the award of best Gulf Football Federation and best professional commenter and best Gulf commenter for Youth, in addition to choosing the Gulf Cup Stars line up.

The referendum choose Qatar football federation as number one and first place with (1118 points) and UAE football federation in the second place with (739 points) and then Saudi Football federation in the third place.

The best professional commenter gone to Khaled Al-Harban competed with: Ali Humeid from UAE, Aqeil Al-Sayed from Bahrain, Nasser Al-Ahmad from Saudi, Khalil Al-Balooshi from Oman, Yousef Saif from Qatar and Hamid Kamel from Kuwait.

While the nominees for the best Gulf commenter for Youth is between: Fahad Abdurrahman from UAE, Ali Saeed from Bahrain, Fahad Al-dribi from Saudi, Ahmed Al-Kaabi from Oman, Meshaal Al-Shemmari from Qatar, Bader Shadad from Kuwait, and the supervisor committee decided to announce the results later.

And about the Gulf Football stars which was the most common in the referendum by (88 players), 32 qualified to the first level of the referendum and they are: goal keepers Ali Al-Habsi, Al-Sayer Mohammed Jaafar, Waleed Abdullah, Mohammed Shafeea.

In the defensive side: Bilal Mohammed, Mohammed Hussain, Abdullah Al-Hazaa, Muhannad Al-Amim, Ibrahim Abdul Majid, Mohammed Al-Maslami, Rashed Al-Houti, Al-Mahdi Mukhtar, Saad Suhail, Waleed Al-Balooshi, Saeed Al-Muwalad.

In the midfielders: Hassan Al-Haidous, Omar Abdurrahman, Hammam Tareq, Ahmed Kanu, Abdul Wahab Al-Safi, Rashed Saleh, Kareem Buthaif, Eid Al-Farsi, Saoud Kariri, Abdul Wahab Al-Maloud, Nawaf Al-Abed, Taiser Al-Jasem.

In the Offensive side they are: Ismael Abdul Latif, Ahmed Khalil, Fahad Al-Enzi, Abdul Aziz Al-Muqbali, Ali Al-Hajiri, Bader Al-Mutawaa.

After that they announced the result of the referendum including:

Goal keeper: Waleed Abdullah (Saudi). Mohammed Ayash (Yemen)

Defenders: Osama Hawsawi (Saudi), Saad Suhail (Oman), Shaker Sallam (Iraq), Saeed Al-Mowalad (Saudi), Mohammed Al-Maslami (Oman), Mohammed Hussain (Bahrain), Muhannad Al-Amim (UAE), Bilal Mohammed (Qatar), Abdul Salam Amer (Oman).

Midfielders: Nawaf Al-Abed (Saudi), Omar Abdurrahman (UAE), Abdul Wahab Al-Maloud (Bahrain), Ahmed Kanu (Oman), Taiseer Al-Jasim (Saudi), Saoud Kariri (Saudi) Ismael Ahmed (UAE), Hussain Al-haidous (Qatar).

Strikers: Ali Mabkhout (UAE), Naser Al-Shamrani (Saudi), Saeed Al-Rziqi (Oman), Ahmed Khalil (UAE).

Its noteworthy that the awards will be given to the winners on the referendum in a ceremony.