23 - 11 - 2014 01:04 AM
Riyadh Prince Honoured “Gulf Cup Electronic tournament” ceremony conclusion
Riyadh – Media Committee

His Royal Highness Prince Turky bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Riyadh region Prince, Honour the “Gulf Cup electronic tournament” ceremony conclusion, in the Green halls in Faisal bin Fahad Olympic complex in Riyadh, which organized by Riyadh region within events associated to Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22”.
His Highness watched the final match between the official tournament winner and Mass tournament winner, while His Highness participated in a game with the Saudi young guy Mashal Al-Medleg, with the enthusiasm of the public.
Tournament Matches played between the GCC eight winners in a league system, where the Qatar team wins the title, and won an award of 100 thousands SR, and Yemen team in second place and won 50 thousands SR, while Kuwait team in third place and won 25 thousands SR, and His Highness crowned the winners.
FIFA 15 was the official game of the tournament where 8 Gulf teams participated and divided to 2 groups as 4 teams in each group as its in “Gulf Cup 22”
All teams played an one match in the round, and the leader and second place qualified to the semi-finals.
Where Qatar faced Iraq in the semi-finals and Qatar wins (3-1) while Yemen qualified by defending Kuwait (3-1), and in the final Qatar defended Yemen (3-2) and won the first place award, while Kuwait won the 3rd place awards after winning over Iraq (3-0).
Tournament played in the presence of 3 players from the golden generation if Saudi team and they are Majed Abdullah and Yousef Al-Thnyan and Saleh Al-Neimah to motivate the players and taking photos with the Public who had the chance to take pictures with the real Cup of the Gulf Cup.
His Highness, Riyadh region Prince, also crowned Bader Hakim, Saudi world Champion for 2005.