18 - 11 - 2014 05:52 PM
Prince Abdulla bin Mosaed sponsors Heads of Gulf delegations
Riyadh – Media Committee

His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Mosaed bin Abdul Aziz, General President of Youth welfare Head of supreme committee of Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” sponsors honouring heads of Gulf delegations celebrating in the tournament, and Olympic committee celebration in the ceremony of 50 years of establishing it, in the Hall of Youth welfare Prince Faisal bin Fahad Olympic complex.

Ceremony started with Quran then Prince Abdullah bin Mosaed gave a speech thanking King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Two Holy Mosques Custodian, and his second crown, of the caring to Saudi Youth and sports to build sport and provide it in a shiny image.

He also welcomed the guests in the ceremony which considered as celebration of Saudi Olympic committee in its 50th of foundation, to participate in continental and international competitions.

He said “in the moment we celebrate the 50th of foundation of Saudi Olympic committee full of success and honouring the big effort of Prince Faisal bin Fahad (RIP) as a first committee head,

He added “I thank Prince Sultan bin Fahad who leaded the committee for more success in national international competitions who cared to continue its way, and I thank Prince Nawaf bin Faisal for his interest in the Olympic work to reach best participations and achieve Positive results”.

Prince Abdullah bin Mosaed also thanked Saudi Olympic sport leaders and heads of games Unions, who helped in their time and effort and though over 50 years.

General President of Youth welfare stressed that an occasion like this is a real chance to build the next step, which personally I wish luck for all who is interested in Olympic games.

He said “there is nothing preventing Saudi sportsman to challenge worldwide as long as there is caring & attention programs, im sure there is more than an experience which can get benefits of it and apply it on the Olympic work”.

He added “Olympic champion has reasons to win, where our future plans is related on accurate vision and proper planning which is our responsibility which we have to achieve”.

Prince Abdullah continued “im sure that country Youth have the ingredients to success and champions desire, and the Olympic field is waiting them and this occasion is a great incentive for a new era and building heroes to start working on them and support them”.

He ended his statement thanking all who attended the ceremony and thanking all the efforts of Mohammed Al-Meshal, General secretary of Saudi Olympic committee and his colleagues wishing them success and luck.